Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I was bartending tonight and I was dressed up in a suit obviously. I bartend a couple nights a week for fun and a little extra pocket change. It so happened that I was requested to bartend for one of the regular's daughter's birthday and her and her friends came in around 7:00. So, I'm just chilling there, looking damn good and talking to my grandparents, yes, they were there, when all of a sudden these gorgeous women start piling into this small tavern that I'm working at. It was awesome. I hit it off with a couple girls, but because it's busy I don't get any numbers. Later that night after thinking I've pretty much struck out, I find out that a few of the girls had been asking about me. I'm getting set up with the hottest one real soon. I attribute this to my dressing up for the occasion. It was far too hot to be wearing a full suit, so I just had a bright blue button down shirt, dark blue pants, a belt, a nice watch and dress shoes. Getting a watch will be for a later discussion. Guys, seriously, overdress for the occasion. not by a lot. just one or two steps up. If you're told to dress business casual, then dress businessy. If there's no dress code expected, at least wear a nice polo or button down shirt.

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