Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Get a goddamned watch! Just imagine yourself walking down the street when all of a sudden some very attractive person of the specific gender that you are attracted to asks you the time. You reach into your pocket, grab your phone, yank it out of said pocket, read the time, then repeat the time to the person asking it. Then after you decide to look up, you realize they're gone. You know why? Because, if they wanted to take the time to reach into their pocket for their phone they could have. Everybody has a phone nowadays. They wanted to ask you, because you looked professional and informative, and probably wanted to ask you on a date, but it's too late now. With a watch, this wouldn't have happened and you would have looked pretty badass checking the time on your expensive looking watch. There's no reason to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a watch if you don't have that kind of money. My first watch was a Swiss from a pawn shop. Pawn shops are filled with expensive looking watches, because at one point they were expensive watches. Fortunately for you though, they're pretty cheap for the most part. I got mine for $40 and it was worth it. I got compliments on it all the time. So, again, isn't it about time you got a watch?

Not a bad starter watch at all!

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